Iron Powder

There are a wide variety of uses for iron powder in the industrial world, starting on a chemical level and resulting in accents or artifacts used in construction and design, decoration, art, and industry. Metal Powders USA is proud to offer high quality industrial metal powders for a wide variety of commercial and industrial uses. We make it our mission to see that the best materials reach our customer’s hands, with a consistency that matches from one batch to the next. Our quality materials, competitive pricing, and timely deliveries all combine with an excellent customer service focus that makes our customers keep coming back for more.

Our team also offers consultation on using our metal powder materials. They can help answer most any question you may have about the compatibility of the materials, or how to use the materials depending on what you’re trying to create. Our sales and service department are one in the same so whoever helps you through your purchasing process or through your questions on use will be qualified to assist you on all fronts for the best end results.

Thank you for visiting the online home of Metal Powders USA in Gig Harbor, WA. We look forward to helping you with your metal powder needs. Our company offers metal powder to both commercial and industrial clients.